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Sleepover FAQ'S

We have included some of our most frequently asked questions here. Our complete Terms & Conditions can be found inside our booking contract.

If you have any additional questions, just give us a call we are happy to help!

How and when should I book my sleepover?

We recommend booking your event as soon as possible to ensure you get the date and theme you want! We recommend 3 - 4 months in advance, but we accept last minute bookings as well if we have the availability! We make it super easy and quick to to book on our website through our Booking Form. You can also contact us before booking with any questions you may have.


Phone: 845-206-9166

What type of deposit is needed?

A 35% non-refundable retainer is required in order to secure your date and theme choice on our calendar. The remaining balance is due 10 days before your event. 

What if I don't have a final guest count yet?

We recommend booking for the maximum number of guests that you may have, otherwise we cannot guarantee that additional items will be available. You have up until 10 days before your event (when final payment is due) to make any changes.

Is it ever too late to book my event?

We sometimes have last minute cancellations so it is always worth a phone call to see if we have availability.

How long is the rental period for?

Our standard sleepover is for one overnight rental. However, you can add additional nights at the rate of $25.00 per Teepee set up. Our Christmas Eve Campin' Packages are a special, two-night rental for the price one.

Are there any additional fees?

*Travel Fee (for any events more than 25 miles from 10992: depending on the distance, we do waive the travel fee for slumber parties of 6 or more guests)

Can I have a custom sleepover theme?

Absolutely! Contact us to discuss your vision. We charge an additional $25 - $35 per Teepee for a Custom Theme Design, depending on the complexity of the theme. This fee covers our material sourcing and gathering.

What am I responsible for?

You will be responsible for moving obstacles and/or necessary furniture to allow for easy set up and the floors must be cleaned and free of dust and pet hair. You must be in agreement that no pets, cigarette smoke, or hazards will be near our teepees or other products. If any equipment is damaged, you will be informed upon inspection and be responsible for the replacement cost of the affected item(s). Each guest is required to supply their own pillow for sleeping. Our pillows are for decorative purposes only.

What is your process for cleaning?

All of our materials are professionally laundered, sanitized and rotated. All guests are required to bring their own pillow to sleep on. The pillows we provide are for decoration purposes only. After each event all pieces of bedding are professionally laundered and items are rotated. Mattresses, tent covers, decorative pillows, trays, all light accessories, and other styling items are disinfected.

How much space do I need?

Each Teepee requires 51 Inches in width and 77 Inches in length of space.

When and How long does set up/pick up take?

You will receive a confirmation email one week prior to your event which will contain your 2 hour delivery and pick up window. We base our schedule on your event start/end time provided at time of booking, location, package, etc. Pickups will begin at 10:00am the next day and go throughout the day. If specific scheduling is required, please notify us at least 10 days prior to the event in writing via email.

Set up on average takes 45 minutes to 3 hours depending on the size of your package.

Pickups generally take a little less time.

Do I need to be home for set up/pick up?

You must be present for indoor set ups and pick ups.

Can I use or set up slumber party teepees outside?

Our sleepover teepees and tents need to be set up indoors with the exception of Slumber-Unders that are taking place during the day (must be good weather for an outdoor Slumber-Under). We do offer a Bell Tent rental for those wanting their sleepover to take place outdoors.

Can guests eat and drink in the teepees/tents?

Light snacks and clear liquids are allowed in the teepees and tents. We ask that you refrain from any food types that are prone to mess making and staining. You are responsible for any damages/stains caused by foods and drinks.

Are the lights and lanterns safe?

Absolutely! All of our fairy lights, lanterns and tray light accessories are battery-operated and safe to leave on overnight. The client is responsible for shutting off any blacklights, lasers or disco lights before everyone goes to bed.

What if I have to cancel or change the date?

We understand that life happens! We will work with you to reschedule your event. We offer the option of applying your retainer and any other payments made to your rescheduled event. Please see your contract for cancellation specifics.

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